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Professional Designations Information and Study Guide

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  • NGWA Press

    This updated edition is a study guide covering materials for exams offered for all of NGWA's professional designations.

    Covered are the designations Certified Well Driller (CWD), Certified Pump Installer (CPI), Certified Vertical Closed Loop Driller (CVCLD), Master Groundwater Contractor (MGWC), and Certified Groundwater Professional (CGWP).

    New additions to this guide include the skills and competencies included in each profession, a self-assessment grid to assist in creating a study plan, and glossaries of terms. The text includes test-taking tips, sample exam questions (four per exam), and journal articles on key industry subjects.

    This is an ideal item for anyone considering taking an NGWA voluntary certification exam.

    Replaces the Voluntary Certification Exam Study Guide.

    2019 / 200 pages
    Catalog #K940
    NGWA member — $45.00
    Nonmember — $55.00