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Advanced Simulation and Modeling for Urban Groundwater Management — UGROW

Retail Price: $74.99

  • This book is part of UNESCO's Urban Water Series that addresses fundamental issues related to the role of water in cities and the effects of urbanization on the hydrological cycle and water resources.
All About Pumps CD

Retail Price: $50.00

Member Price: $40.00

  • Choose a quick and enjoyable way to learn about pump basics. This interactive and animated educational software teaches the essentials of more than 70 pumps, including new and more efficient pump technology.
An Introduction to Water Well Hydrofracturing

Retail Price: $40.00

Member Price: $30.00

  • This book discusses how hydrofracturing is now an established method for well development and transmissivity enhancement.
Analysis of the Drivers of Change in Water Markets, Regulation and Public Policy

Retail Price: $325.00

Member Price: $25.00

  • This report was prepared for the National Ground Water Association's Planning Council in June 2008 so the Association could better understand how to serve its members in light of substantial changes in its member markets.
Applied Groundwater Modeling

Retail Price: $110.00

Member Price: $88.00

  • This second edition is revised throughout with expanded discussion of modeling fundamentals and coverage of advances in model calibration and uncertainty analysis that are revolutionizing the science of groundwater modeling.
Aquifer Boundaries DVD

Retail Price: $25.00

Member Price: $20.00

  • "Aquifer Boundaris and the Theory of Images" is a DVD of a 1997 presentation by John S. McLean of the U.S. Geological Survey. It is highly regarded in the subject of aquifers that cross boundaries.
Aquifer Storage Recovery

Retail Price: $158.00

Member Price: $132.00

  • More and more aquifer storage recovery wellfields are operating throughout the United States and globally. This second-edition volume is filled with valuable information on the science, technology, economics, legal, and regulatory aspects of ASR.
Aquifer Test Data: Analysis and Evaluation

Retail Price: $101.00

Member Price: $81.00

  • This book uses common language and illustrations to cover pragmatic methods in depth. It is ideal for a text for courses in aquifer test analysis as well as a reference for groundwater professionals.
Arsenic in Groundwater: Poisoning and Risk Assessment

Retail Price: $121.00

Member Price: $97.00

  • This book addresses how arsenic in groundwater impacts human health by using the frameworks of natural sciences, social sciences, and health sciences in the context set by environmental and legal considerations.
Barrier Systems for Environmental Contaminant Containment and Treatment

Retail Price: $79.99

  • A balanced presentation of what is known—and not known—Barrier Systems for Environmental Contaminant Containment and Treatment provides a comprehensive report on the current state of the science and technology of waste containment.
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