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Analysis of the Drivers of Change in Water Markets, Regulation and Public Policy

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  • Prepared by Richard C. O'Sullivan
    NGWA Press

    This report was prepared for NGWA's Planning Council in June 2008 so the Association could better understand how to serve its members in light of substantial changes in its member markets.

    The nation's and the world's water supplies have been affected by population growth, strong economic growth and rising household affluence, climate change, and more water-intensive agricultural output and water-intensive energy policies.

    With so many forces redefining opportunities and demands, the report helps define the opportunities and demands placed on those working in the groundwater industry.

    The report is broken into three sections: analysis of the drivers of change in water markets, regulation, and public policy; scenarios of key finds for NGWA members; and a summary of alternative futures.

    2008 / 27 pages
    Catalog #T1062

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