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  • By William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley
    Cambridge University Press

    This book provides an authoritative account of the controversies and possibilities surrounding disposal of nuclear waste in the United States with references to the difficulties and progress of other countries around the world as well.

    It tells the full history from the early days after World War II up to the present time. Accounts of key players in the pioneering science, the political wrangling and media drama, and the not-in-my-backyard communities fighting to move the waste someplace else are featured.

    Written in an easy-to-read format, it is ideal for policymakers, environmentalists, research scientists, and interest groups.

    The book is authored by William M. Alley, NGWA’s director of science and technology, a leading expert in the field of hydrogeology who oversaw U.S. Geological Survey studies of Yucca Mountain from 2002-2010, and Rosemarie Alley, William’s wife and a veteran science writer.

    2013 / 370 pages
    Catalog #T1101

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