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History of the Development of Hydrogeology in the United States

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  • By Joseph S. Rosenshein and John E. Moore
    NGWA Press

    This book traces the development of the science of hydrogeology from the founding of the United States in 1776 to 2010.

    Considered the second edition of Two Hundred Years of Hydrogeology in the United States, which was published in 1986, this text contains an expanded discussion of the Meinzer Era, Modern Era, and a detailed table that highlights major hydrologic milestones. New sections have been added that discuss hydrologic education, the influence of professional societies, groundwater contamination, chemical hydrogeology, and other aspects of hydrogeology.

    The emphasis of the book is on the contributions of the scientific community, providing a comprehensive perspective of the development of hydrogeology in the United States.

    2012 / 200 pages
    Catalog #T1097

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