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Basic Water Systems: A Pump and Hydraulic Training Manual

Retail Price:$25.00

Member Price:$20.00

  • What really happens when you turn on a pump? Why do pipe sizes affect pump performance? This training manual takes on the complex world of water systems and presents the basics in a straightforward style.
Employee Safety Manual, second edition

Retail Price:$15.00

Member Price:$10.00

  • Text provides important details on a variety of safety topics related to the groundwater industry.
Engineering Your Business

Retail Price:$60.00

Member Price:$40.00

  • This book is a compilation of works from long-time Water Well Journal® columnist Ed Butts.
Groundwater & Wells, third edition

Retail Price:$150.00

Member Price:$130.00

  • This is the third edition to what is our top-selling reference book year after year! This tremendous resource should be on your desk if you are serious about the groundwater industry.
Guidelines for Loop Wells for Vertical Closed Loop Ground Source Heat Pumps

Retail Price:$175.00

Member Price:$25.00

  • This fifth edition was put together by an NGWA volunteer work group to provide updated information on the original guidelines published by NGWA in 1997, 2009, 2010, and 2016.
Handbook of Suggested Practices for Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells

Retail Price:$41.00

Member Price:$33.00

  • This book presents practices used in the design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells.
Lexicon of Groundwater and Water Well System Terms

Retail Price:$35.00

Member Price:$25.00

  • Among the definitions of a lexicon is "a special vocabulary" and this is the National Ground Water Association's version, which contains more than 2,000 industry terms.
Manual of Water Well Construction Practices, third edition

Retail Price:$39.00

Member Price:$32.00

  • This third edition provides a comprehensive look at current well construction methods.
Model Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manual (CD)

Retail Price:$81.00

Member Price:$65.00

  • This CD provides a complete safety program manual for those working in the groundwater industry.
Procedures for Well Drilling Operations (CD)

Retail Price:$32.00

Member Price:$25.00

  • An excellent guide for those who plan, design, and drill water wells, the Procedures for Well Drilling Operations CD is taken from a manual put together by the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy.
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